Preparing for Hurricane Irene

2.5 million people are being evacuated from states on the East Coast as the country prepares for Hurricane Irene. The category 2 storm is expected to bring rain and winds of up to 100 mph to many areas.

For pet owners, being prepared is essential in case of an emergency. The ASPCA recommends the following actions:

  1. Bring all pets indoors

  2. Arrange a safe place to evacuate to, including pets. Do not leave them at home alone.

  3. Have an emergency kit prepared including food, bottled water, pet's medical records, blanket, flashlights and leashes

  4. Make sure all your pets are wearing collars with tags with identification information

  5. Put up a rescue alert sticker on the front door or window of your home.
    If you are unable to care for your pets, find someone who can.


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